Portrait by Lora Faye, 2008

Portrait by Lora Faye, 2008

“There's no such thing as autobiography, there's only art and lies” - Jeannette Winterson

A moment becomes a memory. A memory becomes the stories we tell ourselves, the stories we tell others. Each telling a different version, a different variation. Always omitting, always adding and embellishing, constantly evolving to meet our needs and the needs of others. A memory becomes fictional and factual, fantasy embellished with reality, abstracting and revealing, always left open to interpretation.

d. gould adapts her traditional printmaking and engraving experience to create her ink and mixed media illustrations. She relies on both the lines and the space between the lines to reveal and explore while also confessing to the omission of facts and information. Alternating between surreal, whimsical, and somber, her work employs a deliberate and concise vocabulary consisting of a limited color palette and echoed imagery: hands, silhouettes, birds, snakes, and other elements of nature.

Self Portrait with a Friend, Pen & Ink, 2008

Recent and notable projects include the illustration for Footing's "Vibration, Too" music video, designing and painting a a seven foot prefabricated fiberglass violin commissioned by the Boston Symphony Orchestra as a part of Tanglewood on Display to celebrate Tanglewood's 75th anniversary, and a hand draw custom deck of playing cards featuring 55 unique illustrations that was printed by the United States Playing Card company. Her work has also graced the stage when she puppeteered her own handcrafted puppet designs for the Elephant Tango Ensemble.

Originally from rural Vermont, she now lives and works in Boston. 

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